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Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master & Creator of Diamond Feng Shui

Marie Diamond is my amazing Feng Shui Master, the beloved and loving creator of Diamond Feng Shui and a highly advanced yet highly practical spiritual teacher. Her work reaches millions of people in more than 190 countries, including:

  • billionaires
  • luminaries like Steven Spielberg, The Rolling Stones, Jack Canfield and Rhonda Byrne
  • leaders of Fortune 500 companies
  • people from all walks of life, different religious backgrounds, philosophies and lifestyles  

I can't help but use words like 'amazing' and 'incredible' when talking about Marie. I am being precise, not gushy. 

Marie is a visionary Feng Shui Master who has led feng shui in new progressive directions as Feng Shui Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai prophesied she would. 

But that is not all. In fact, the reason why I trust Marie as THE authority on feng shui is she is a highly advanced spiritual master who began her training with her own spiritual master at the age of 7.

The masters I learnt from before Marie are no longer walking this planet. I thought all true masters must be either dead or hidden in the remotest mountains and spiritual sanctuaries, inaccessible to people in the grittier 'real world' like you and me. 

The invisible dimensions beyond our three-dimensional physical world hold no mystery for Marie. She can choose to look beyond the veils and she sees and senses subtle energies in ways very few on this earth can match. Feng shui is all about the invisible energies flowing in our living and work spaces, and Marie is uniquely qualified to verify the effectiveness of feng shui techniques.

And yet Marie is the most practical and down-to-earth person. She is equally comfortable dealing with matters most of us are preoccupied with - money, career, romance, children - for herself and others. She is quite the opposite of the traditional image of an otherworldly and detached spiritual teacher.

She is a happily married mother of three who started out as a lawyer but left her lucrative law practice for feng shui and spiritual teaching.

Marie uses her colorful personality and indomitable will to achieve her earthly goals but always with an eye firmly fixed on the ultimate goals in life and on helping the planet and its inhabitants move along their evolutionary path. She seeks the highest results but sees the divine in imperfection too.

Marie overcame incredible odds to be where she is today.

She hails from a family whose members coped with severe challenges, including poverty.

At the age of fifteen, she was involved in a horrific accident with a truck that destroyed her facial skin and damaged her brain, reducing her from the status of a scholarship winning top student to one who struggled to move up to the next grade. (At this point in her life her spiritual teacher told her she was ready to learn feng shui to transform her luck.)

These are just a sampling of the challenges Marie has encountered in this life. 

And yet here she is, my powerful teacher, a successful and world-renowned speaker and mentor who serves people from all walks of life with love and joy and also with reprimands and warnings where necessary. She credits feng shui with helping to bring her work beyond her home country Belgium to the USA and then the rest of the world. 

Some of my happiest moments are spent asking Marie loads of questions about feng shui and watching her eyes twinkle as she responds with great clarity, depth, humor, compassion and love for the subject.

I hope I have done my incredible Feng Shui Master justice in this portrait. 

I hope you now have a clearer idea why I chose Diamond Feng Shui and Marie Diamond!


So excited that Diamond Feng Shui will be shared for the first time in Asia by my first certified Diamond Feng Shui Consultant in Singapore.

Marie Diamond , Globally Renowned Creator of Diamond Feng Shui

About Ang Li Mei

This is Li Mei's mission:
1. To provide accurate basic feng shui for free because we all deserve to experience more success in our lives!
2. To support those who want advanced feng shui with gold-standard services.

Li Mei can make complex things easy to understand, a very handy skill when it comes to the multi-faceted art of feng shui.

Li Mei knows the best feng shui techniques because of her intensive practice for herself and others (as of 21 Feb 2018, she has recorded more than 2000 instances of either practicing a feng shui technique or observing a significant improvement) and because she is coached by the incredible Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond.

Ang Li Mei, Freedom with Feng Shui