Making True Feng Shui Easier to Understand and Practice

Diamond Feng Shui

I practice Diamond Feng Shui created by Marie Diamond because it is unique in three powerful ways.

Diamond Feng Shui is NOT One-Size-Fits-Nobody.

I recommend feng shui changes based on your Personal Energy Number, your chosen goals and your personal preferences in culture, religion and lifestyle. 

You are unique. True feng shui honors your uniqueness.

Diamond Feng Shui is The Most Advanced School of Feng Shui.

Diamond Feng Shui is the leading edge school of feng shui.

Over a period of at least four thousand years, feng shui knowledge grew in sophistication as feng shui masters went through these processes:

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    observing the influence of landscape formations like hills and rivers on tombs and homes
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    mapping the qualities of the 9 Directions
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    confirming that every individual has 4 compass directions that uniquely benefit them 
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    investigating the degrees of the compass to see how facing different degrees creates different destinies
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    discovering how energies shift in cycles of time

Some feng shui practitioners wear the badge of 'Traditional Feng Shui' proudly. 

But if everyone agrees that feng shui masters have gone deeper and deeper in their study of feng shui over time, why is unreasonable to expect that the evolution in feng shui knowledge continues?

Diamond Feng Shui is at the forefront of this evolution by bringing in the knowledge of the higher energies of the quantum field.

We honor the powerful knowledge and techniques passed down by the feng shui masters through the ages and continue to practice them. 

At the same time, humanity has evolved to this stage where it is now also ready to work with the higher transformational principles of the quantum field.

Diamond Feng Shui adds these transformational principles to the repertoire of Feng Shui techniques to transform your life.

Diamond Feng Shui Brings Dowsing back to Feng Shui

My master Marie Diamond shared that in ancient times feng shui masters used dowsing rods to detect disturbances in the magnetic field of the earth arising from changes in underground water and soil quality and dramatic human events like wars and massacres.

These ancient masters knew that such energy disturbances could affect the well-being of people. Harmonizing the environment with feng shui cannot bring improvement unless these disturbances are also cured. 

The practice of dowsing became lost over time. 

My master has brought it back to Feng Shui. 

This is especially crucial given that not only are there energetic faults in the magnetic field of the earth, but we also experience the bombarding of various man-made electromagnetic frequencies, some of which throw our personal energy fields into chaos. Our dowsing cures soften the impact of these man-made disturbances too.

Diamond Feng Shui gives you a complete solution for improving the energies of your home and place of work so you can enjoy the geatest improvements in your Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom.

These are the reasons why I practice Diamond Feng Shui.


So excited that Diamond Feng Shui will be shared for the first time in Asia by my first certified Diamond Feng Shui Consultant in Singapore.

Marie Diamond , Globally Renowned Creator of Diamond Feng Shui

About Ang Li Mei

This is Li Mei's mission:
1. To provide accurate basic feng shui for free because we all deserve to experience more success in our lives!
2. To support those who want advanced feng shui with gold-standard services.

Li Mei can make complex things easy to understand, a very handy skill when it comes to the multi-faceted art of feng shui.

Li Mei knows the best feng shui techniques because of her intensive practice for herself and others (as of 21 Feb 2018, she has recorded more than 2000 instances of either practicing a feng shui technique or observing a significant improvement) and because she is coached by the incredible Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond.

Ang Li Mei, Freedom with Feng Shui