About Ang Li Mei

Hi, I am Li Mei.

I am a Diamond Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher.

For a long time, I have known that the source of happiness and healing lies beyond what the eyes can see.

After years of experimenting with energy work in many forms, I discovered the powerful principles of working with planetary energies known collectively as feng shui.

Ang Li Mei- Freedom with Feng Shui

My Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond has given (and is giving) me the best answers about creating a successful life with the help of Diamond Feng Shui.

And I want to share these answers with the whole world.

My Feng Shui Story

In 2015, I could never have imagined I will be where I am today.

I was a married woman of 41 (childless by choice) who felt stuck. I love my husband Steve dearly but the frequent quarrels were wearing on me and him. I found myself wishing sometimes for a calmer life living all by myself but I loved Steve and our good times together too much to leave. 

I was a secondary school teacher. A part of me longed to be free of the should's and must's that come with working in a big organization.

But I had spent most of my working life as a sheltered government employee with a stable income, which suited my retiring nature (I simply couldn't get why people would enjoy displaying the details of their lives on Facebook until 2017 when I finally signed up). 

I couldn't imagine any other way of getting money other than being an employee and preferably in the safe arms of the civil service.

Being a teacher was highly challenging for a sensitive recluse like me, so this job kept me on my toes for many years. I enjoyed overcoming the challenges and getting better at the work.

But by late 2015 I was often feeling unmotivated rather than challenged.

I had two private passions. I explored various religious and spiritual paths. There is this urge to 'go home' to a purer and higher plane of existence.

But in a fit of despair and anger in late 2008, I threw away my spiritual search because I just could not meditate no matter how hard I tried. It was the biggest disappointment in my life.

My other passion was energy work in all forms. Meditation, gemstones, the Law of Attraction, EMF shielding technologies, healing music, paraliminals, tuning forks and Qigong. 

I was that energy and natural healing geek who raised the vibrations of her food with a tuning fork because food just tasted better then. (Happily, my Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond taught a simpler and more direct technique for raising the vibrations of food so I no longer carry a clunky tuning fork around.) 

The only problem is my adventures in energy products sucked up most of my income which in turn kept me stuck to my job.

In early 2016, I did something totally unexpected to me and the people in my personal and professional life. My heart called out loud and clear and very persistently for me to leave my job and I did, with absolutely no idea how I was going to make a living. I just knew it was the right thing to do.

I would love to tell you that life became better straight away because I followed my heart. But that was not the case.

My life went into a tailspin. The lack of career direction and income were disturbing enough but they also stirred up more quarrels with Steve. Strangely too, the longer I stayed at home, the more down and stuck I felt. (I discovered later that this home had bad feng shui.)

Out of desperation, I started learning and doing feng shui taught by Marie Diamond because my Qigong Master Lin Chunyi impressed upon his students the importance of feng shui. He endorses Diamond Feng Shui because it has been created by a master who sees energies just like he does.

Fast forward to 24 May 2018.

I am editing this webpage in our new home, a freshly renovated larger apartment overlooking a beautiful park. It has much better feng shui and Steve now has a shorter commute.

I am facing my Personal Success Direction and my desk is located in a Power Star zone in the home. Bubbling water flows from a strategically placed little fountain, making the air come alive with its tinkling music.

Steve is happy with the way his career is progressing. After attracting many opportunities to showcase his abilities to the upper management, he has been offered a clear path of progression up the ranks. Ideas, people and resources come together at just the right timing to create success for his projects.

After seeing how feng shui has breathed new life into his career, improved our relationship and smoothed out his rougher edges so he is kinder and more patient, Steve now fully supports my new work.

We have never been more loving with each other. As two Tigers (our Chinese astrology signs) with rather big egos, we are likely to continue bickering every so often but the tensions resolve more quickly now because we are calmer and learn our lessons more quickly. We feel close to each other, laugh a lot together and enjoy wonderful conversations at the dining table and by the little lake within a short walking distance from home.

After stepping out from hermit-hood, I have had several adventures in building relationships. Many are joyful, like my becoming closer to Mum, reconnecting with a treasured friend and finding two new friends cum advisors who are wise and loving women.

Other relationship experiences are not so lighthearted but provide precious lessons on how I can become a better and wiser person.

Most important of all, there is the sweetness of a renewed spiritual quest. This feeling of being connected to the larger universe which I feared I had lost is back!

I am learning plenty about business and how to create the best feng shui services I can offer. 

Life is anything but monotonous and stuck in a rut.

I am lying if I tell you life is perfect now. Feng shui is never meant to do that. We are meant to learn the lessons from our earthly life and improve.

But feng shui does make our life journey much smoother and our life purpose clearer so we have the ability to create the most satisfying and meaningful life.  

My life has moved up to the next level. I face the new challenges on this higher level with more joy, trust and confidence because I have the magic of Diamond Feng Shui and because I have my beautiful Master Marie Diamond guiding me.

Walk with me and I'll show you how to move your life to the next level (and the next, and the next...) too.

Chandra Shanmugam

Chandra Shanmugam

You have this ability to sieve through all the chaos and make something complex easier to comprehend. That's just one of your unique gifts to this world.

Chandra is a wise, well-loved and respected teacher whom I had the good fortune to work with at Nan Chiau High School for 7 years and whose words I treasure.

About Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is my amazing Feng Shui Master, the beloved and loving creator of Diamond Feng Shui and a highly advanced yet highly practical spiritual teacher. Her work reaches millions of people in more than 190 countries, including:

  • billionaires
  • luminaries like Steven Spielberg, The Rolling Stones, Jack Canfield and Rhonda Byrne
  • leaders of Fortune 500 companies
  • diamond
    people from all walks of life, different religious backgrounds, philosophies and lifestyles  

A Visionary Spiritual Master

I can't help but use words like 'amazing' and 'incredible' when talking about Marie. I am being precise, not gushy. 

Marie is a visionary Feng Shui Master who has led feng shui in new progressive directions as Feng Shui Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai prophesied she would. 

But that is not all. In fact, the reason why I trust Marie as THE authority on feng shui is she is a highly advanced spiritual master who began her training with her own spiritual master at the age of 7.

The masters I learnt from before Marie are no longer walking this planet. I thought all true masters must be either dead or hidden in the remotest mountains and spiritual sanctuaries, inaccessible to people in the grittier 'real world' like you and me. 

The invisible dimensions beyond our three-dimensional physical world hold no mystery for Marie. She can choose to look beyond the veils and she sees and senses subtle energies in ways very few on this earth can match. Feng shui is all about the invisible energies flowing in our living and work spaces, and Marie is uniquely qualified to verify the effectiveness of feng shui techniques.

Yet Down to Earth

And yet Marie is the most practical and down-to-earth person. She is equally comfortable dealing with matters most of us are preoccupied with - money, career, romance, children - for herself and others. She is quite the opposite of the traditional image of an otherworldly and detached spiritual teacher.

She is a happily married mother of three who started out as a lawyer but left her lucrative law practice for feng shui and spiritual teaching.

Marie uses her colorful personality and indomitable will to achieve her earthly goals but always with an eye firmly fixed on the ultimate goals in life and on helping the planet and its inhabitants move along their evolutionary path. She seeks the highest results but sees the divine in imperfection too.

Overcoming Incredible Odds

Marie overcame incredible odds to be where she is today.

She hails from a family whose members coped with severe challenges, including poverty.

At the age of fifteen, she was involved in a horrific accident with a truck that destroyed her facial skin and damaged her brain, reducing her from the status of a scholarship winning top student to one who struggled to move up to the next grade. (At this point in her life her spiritual teacher told her she was ready to learn feng shui to transform her luck.)

These are just a sampling of the challenges Marie has encountered in this life. 

And yet here she is, my powerful teacher, a successful and world-renowned speaker and mentor who serves people from all walks of life with love and joy and also with reprimands and warnings where necessary. She credits feng shui with helping to bring her work beyond her home country Belgium to the USA and then the rest of the world. 

Some of my happiest moments are spent asking Marie loads of questions about feng shui and watching her eyes twinkle as she responds with great clarity, depth, humor, compassion and love for the subject.

I hope I have done my incredible Feng Shui Master justice in this portrait. 

I hope you now have a clearer idea why I choose Diamond Feng Shui and Marie Diamond!

About Diamond Feng Shui

I practice Diamond Feng Shui created by Marie Diamond because it is unique in three powerful ways.


You Take Centerstage

I explain feng shui principles as deeply as necessary so you can participate actively in the process.

This is not about me issuing mysterious instructions that you follow blindly. You should know enough so we can collaborate creatively together to create the feng shui changes that respect your culture, faith and lifestyle. 

However, I will tell you loud and clear if certain difficult changes have to be made because fundamental feng shui principles have to be heeded to create the transformation you are looking for. 


Leading Edge School of Feng Shui

Diamond Feng Shui is a highly sophisticated school of feng shui.

Over a period of at least four thousand years, feng shui knowledge grew in sophistication as feng shui masters went through these processes:

  • observing the influence of landscape formations like hills and rivers on tombs and homes
  • mapping the qualities of the 9 Directions
  • confirming that every individual has 4 compass directions that uniquely benefit them 
  • investigating the degrees of the compass to see how facing different degrees creates different destinies
  • discovering how energies shift in cycles of time

If everyone agrees that feng shui masters have gone deeper and deeper in their study of feng shui over time, is it unreasonable to expect that the evolution in knowledge continues?

Diamond Feng Shui is at the forefront of this evolution by revealing the knowledge of the higher energies of the quantum field.

We honor the powerful knowledge and techniques passed down by the feng shui masters through the ages and continue to practice them. 

At the same time, humanity has evolved to this stage where it is now also ready to work with the higher transformational principles of the quantum field.

Diamond Feng Shui adds these principles to the repertoire of Feng Shui techniques to transform your life.


Bringing Dowsing Back to Feng Shui

In ancient times feng shui masters used dowsing rods to detect disturbances in the magnetic field of the earth.

These disturbances arise from changes in underground water and soil quality and dramatic human events like wars and massacres.

These ancient masters cured these disturbances.

Over time, the practice of dowsing was lost. 

My master has brought it back. 

We also experience the bombarding of various man-made electromagnetic frequencies.

Our dowsing cures soften the impact of these man-made disturbances too.

Diamond Feng Shui gives you a complete solution for improving the energies of your home and place of work so you can enjoy the geatest improvements in your Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom.

These are the reasons why I practice Diamond Feng Shui.