Ang Li Mei, Founder of Freedom with Feng Shui

Ang Li Mei, Freedom with Feng Shui

In 2015, I could never have imagined I will be where I am today.

I was a married woman of 41 (childless by choice) who felt stuck. I love my husband Steve dearly but the frequent quarrels were wearing on me and him. I found myself wishing sometimes for a calmer life living all by myself but loved Steve and our good times together too much to leave. 

I was a secondary school teacher. A part of me longed to be free of the should's and must's that come with working in a big organization but I had spent most of my working life as a relatively sheltered government employee with a stable income, which suited my retiring nature (I simply couldn't get why people would enjoy displaying the details of their lives on Facebook until 2017 when I finally signed up). I couldn't imagine any other way of getting money other than being an employee and preferably in the safe arms of the civil service.

Being a teacher was highly challenging for a sensitive recluse like me, so this job kept me on my toes for many years. I enjoyed overcoming the challenges and getting better at the work. But by late 2015 I was feeling bored and unmotivated rather than challenged.

I had two private passions. I explored various religious and spiritual paths. There is this urge to 'go home' to a purer and higher plane of existence. But in a fit of despair and anger in late 2008, I threw away my spiritual search because I just could not meditate no matter how hard I tried. It was the biggest disappointment in my life.

My other passion was energy work in all forms. Meditation, gemstones, the Law of Attraction, EMF shielding technologies, healing music, paraliminals, tuning forks and Qigong. 

I was that energy and natural healing geek who raised the vibrations of her food with a tuning fork because food just tasted better then. (Happily, my Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond taught a simpler and more direct technique for raising the vibrations of food so I no longer carry a clunky tuning fork around.) I am never without a gemstone necklace or an EMF shielding anklet on my body.

Many people are not aware of the differences in the taste of energized food or how the energies of people and electromagnetic frequencies affect us but for me they are palpable. The only problem is my adventures in energy products sucked up most of my income which in turn kept me stuck to my job.

In early 2016, I did something totally unexpected to me and the people in my personal and professional life. My heart called out loud and clear and very persistently for me to leave my job and I did, with absolutely no idea how I was going to make a living. I just knew it was the right thing to do.

My life went into a tailspin. The lack of career direction and money were disturbing enough but they also stirred up more quarrels with Steve. Strangely too, the longer I stayed at home, the more down and stuck I felt. (It turned out that this home had bad feng shui.)

Out of desperation, I started learning and doing feng shui taught by Marie Diamond because my Qigong Master Lin Chunyi impressed upon his students the importance of feng shui. He endorses Diamond Feng Shui because it has been created by a master who sees energies just like he does.

Fast forward to 21 Feb 2018.

I am typing this at my dining table in our new home, a freshly renovated larger apartment with much better feng shui and a shorter commute for Steve. The large windows look out on a beautiful park where I take daily walks, meditate and do Qigong. Bubbling water flows from two strategically placed little fountains. making the air come alive with its music.

Steve is happy with the way his career is progressing. After attracting many opportunities to showcase his abilities to the upper management, he has been offered a clear path of progression up the ranks. Ideas, people and resources come together at the right timing to create success for his projects.

After seeing how feng shui has breathed new life into his career, improved our relationship and smoothed out the rougher edges of his competitiveness so he is kinder and more empathetic, Steve now fully supports my new work.

We have never been more loving with each other. As two Tigers (our Chinese astrology signs) with big egos, we are likely to continue bickering every so often but the tensions resolve more quickly now because both of us are calmer and learn our lessons more quickly. We feel close to each other, laugh a lot together and enjoy wonderful conversations at the dining table and by the little lake within a short walking distance from home.

After stepping out from hermit-hood, I have had several adventures in building relationships with family and people. Many are joyful, like my becoming closer to Mum and connecting with two wise and loving women who have become treasured friends and advisers.

Other relationship experiences are not so lighthearted but provide precious lessons on how I can become a better and wiser person.

Most important of all, there is the sweetness of a renewed spiritual journey. This feeling of being connected to the larger universe which I feared I had lost is back!

I am learning plenty about business and marketing and have many exciting plans to create life-changing services and market them in such a way that those who can benefit from what I have to offer can find me easily.

Life is anything but monotonous and stuck in a rut.

I would be lying if I tell you my life is perfect now. Feng shui is never meant to do that. We are meant to learn the lessons from our earthly life and improve.

But feng shui does make our life journey much smoother and our life purpose clearer so we have the ability to create the most satisfying and meaningful life.  

My life has moved up to the next level. I face the new challenges on this higher level with more joy, trust and confidence because I have the magic of Diamond Feng Shui and because I have my beautiful Master Marie Diamond guiding me.

Walk with me and I'll show you how to move your life to the next level (and the next, and the next...) too.


Treasured words from an ex-colleague

You have this ability to sieve through all the chaos and make something complex easier to comprehend. That's just one of your unique gifts to this world.

Chandra Shanmugam , Well-loved & Respected Teacher I had the good fortune to work with for 7 years

About Ang Li Mei

This is Li Mei's mission:
1. To provide accurate basic feng shui for free because we all deserve to experience more success in our lives!
2. To support those who want advanced feng shui with gold-standard services.

Li Mei can make complex things easy to understand, a very handy skill when it comes to the multi-faceted art of feng shui.

Li Mei knows the best feng shui techniques because of her intensive practice for herself and others (as of 21 Feb 2018, she has recorded more than 2000 instances of either practicing a feng shui technique or observing a significant improvement) and because she is coached by the incredible Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond.

Ang Li Mei, Freedom with Feng Shui