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Which One Describes Your Feng Shui Worry?


You've heard that feng shui does amazing things.

Bur you do not know what it is all about and where you should begin.


'Where can a financially savvy person like me learn to do my own professional-standard feng shui at an affordable price?' you ask.


You have been stuck for some time in one area (or more) in your life.

You are ready to hire a feng shui consultant for a home or business consultation.

But who can you trust?


Is feng shui even the right choice for you in the first place? 

Take a quick quiz to find out.

It will tell you honestly if Feng Shui is not suitable or necessary for you.

Marie Diamond

Globally renowned Creator of Diamond Feng Shui

So excited that Diamond Feng Shui will be shared for the first time in Asia by my first certified Diamond Feng Shui Consultant in Singapore.

What is Unique About
Freedom with Feng Shui?


professional advice on any budget

Free coaching on essential feng shui.

More detailed guidance at an affordable yearly membership fee.

Value-for-money private consultation.

And I assure you that effective feng shui activators and cures can be had on any budget. Find out why this is so.


not one-size-fits-NOBODY

Every snowflake is unique. So are you. So is your space.

You are unique in your Personal Energy Number and your treasured beliefs, goals and tastes.

Your environment has unique landscape, flying star and earth energies.

Diamond Feng Shui takes into account the uniqueness of you, your loved ones, your business partners and your space to create feng shui that works for your family or your business.


risk free

Free expert information to introduce you to the power of Diamond Feng Shui.

A yearly membership that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (no justification needed).

Home or business private consultation with a full refund if you see no results within 10 weeks after following the feng shui recommendations. 

Rita Wong

I understand from my friends that they get very generic advice from their fengshui consultants.

Li Mei is different. She did an extensive and comprehensive analysis for both our personal fengshui and the home fengshui. She explained so clearly and in detail.

Immediately after the consultation, I felt so comfortable and my energy level went up. Same for my husband.

One week after the session, my boss informed me that they're making me a permanent staff member. It was a wonderful surprise. I wasn't expecting it.

Last year was a bad year at work. I worked very hard but saw little improvement. I was called to handle emergencies during a lot of the public holidays. There was a lot of unnecessary work, one after another.

This year, after doing fengshui with Li Mei's help, things have been going smoothly at work and at home. I can accomplish things without double effort and hardship.

Whenever I feel low morale, I look at the activations around me and I can feel them giving me power, filling me up. To a large extent, I am now convinced that fengshui works.

I would definitely recommend Li Mei to anyone.

Here is Your Feng Shui Solution


Take the 2-minute 'Is Feng Shui for Me?' quiz to see if you should even start.

Explore these free resources:

What is Feng Shui?

Free Essential Feng Shui



Take the 2-minute 'Is Feng Shui for Me?' quiz to see if you should even start.

Explore these free resources:

What is Feng Shui?

Free Essential Feng Shui


Then, if you like what you see and want 

  • to go deeper on your feng shui journey and
  • a professional consultant to be on hand to answer your questions,

you can become a member for an annual fee of SG$ 188.


Explore the free resources on this site to see if I am making sense to you.

Visit the About page to get to know me and the kind of feng shui I do.

Visit the Consultation page  

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  • for pricing information and
  • to schedule a free video call with me to discuss how feng shui can help your situation. 


Jennifer Silverston

Tai Chi and Qi Gong Expert

Looking forward to learning more from you! You have such a clear way of teaching the feng shui!

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