5 elements of Feng Shui

Is this your experience?

  • You are intrigued by the idea that shifting a piece of furniture can change your fortunes but your robust logic tells you this is too good to be true.
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    You read a book about Feng Shui but gave up because the book left you with more questions than it answered.
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    You have this negative impression that Feng Shui is all about gross materialism.  
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    The price tags of products in Feng Shui shops leave you gaping & you know Feng Shui Masters don't come cheap either. 

You have come to the right place.

It is my happy mission to dispel myths about Feng Shui that hold you back from learning and practicing its  life-changing benefits for all aspects of your life. You will learn what Feng Shui really is about on my blog, which will begin soon.

I am also setting up an online school of Essential Feng Shui at an affordable price because just practicing Personal Feng Shui  is sufficient to set your life on a new path. Everybody should have the opportunity to learn this essential art.

You join a community of like-minded souls on a members-only platform to share your ideas and I am always on hand to guide you so you can do Feng Shui with confidence.

And instead of selling you expensive Feng Shui objects, I'm giving you my online shopping list so you know where I go to get the most affordable activation items. 

For those of you who feel you prefer someone to help you put in place more advanced Feng Shui for your home and office and ensure you keep on track with your Feng Shui practice, I am happy to be your personal Feng Shui Coach.

What next?

Step 1- Tell me about your biggest Feng Shui obstacle

The blog and online school are  still on the way but I already want to hear you and make them relevant to your needs. 

What is the number one obstacle to bringing Feng Shui into your life? Email me at limei@freedomwithfengshui.com and I'll be sure to address it in a blog post or an email to my subscribers.

Step 2- Subscribe for Updates

My very first blog post is going to be 'Why aren't Feng Shui masters the richest people on Earth?' Interested? Subscribe to my mailing list so you'll know when it is published : )

Step 3- Personal Feng Shui Coaching

Want my personal coaching services? Here are my current heavily discounted prices for your reference.

One Room

Whole Home

SG$ 198  (Normal: SG$ 288)

Starting from SG$ 598 (Normal: SG$ 854) for a 2-bedroom apartment

Send an email to limei@freedomwithfengshui.com so we can discuss the possibility of working together!

About Me

Hi, there! I am Ang Li Mei. I want to make essential Feng Shui knowledge available to all. 

I coach smart skeptics to create the most effective Feng Shui for themselves and their loved ones.

I practice Diamond Feng Shui so I naturally think it is the BEST school of Feng Shui in the world : )