Risk-Free For You

You may ask for a 100% refund of the consultation fees within 60 days of the on-site consultation.

This is provided you show photographic proof that the recommended feng shui changes have been made. 

Which Aspects are Covered?

  • diamondPersonal Space Feng Shui: Optimizing your home or office for your Personal Energy Number
  • General Space Feng Shui
  • Flying Stars for the 20-year cycle, the current year and the following year
  • Landscape Feng Shui
  • diamondDowsing & curing disturbances in the magnetic field of the Earth
  • diamondSpace clearing: emotional, mental and spiritual energy forms

included in the fee

  • diamondA minimum of 3 hours spent at your home or place of business for a comprehensive analysis
  • Hexagrams customized for your needs 
  • Dowsing cures
  • diamondSpecifications for feng shui items: so you can shop on your own with confidence
  • diamondTwo follow-up video calls via a laptop with webcam to:
  • diamondanswer your questions
  • diamondlook at your feng shui changes together


A precise quotation is based on the 

  • type of residence / business
  • size of the residence / business
  • number of residents / key staff

These figures are a rough estimate for an in-person consultation at a residence.

Public Housing Apartment

Private Apartment

Landed Property

 4 Bedrooms

 4 Bedrooms

 4 Bedrooms

SG$ 998

 SG$ 1498

SG$ 2998

based in singapore

I am open to travelling to a country within the region if it is feasible for both you and me.

​free Chat 

Let’s meet to discuss how we can work together.

Two options:

You can visit my home office at Bukit Panjang for the added benefit of seeing how I do feng shui.

Or we can connect at an online meeting room if you have a webcam.

If you want to write to me, limei@freedomwithfengshui.com is my email address.